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When there’s a pixar/disney or dreamworks cgi movie, you can assume that there will be another happy meal toy ready to be served. Infairness to them, it looks good and you can appreciate it even you’re a parent already. I know there’s some of collectors out there who have the complete collection of happy meal toys from McDonalds. That’s pretty hard to achieve. Lotsa toys and meals also to eat and sometimes some characters are already sold out specially the main characters of the movie so you better act fast, eat fast and always have cash to pay for those.

Well. I took some pictures of the ones I think will look good on the camera. hehe! take a peek.

Moto Moto and Gloria from Madagascar movie

and presenting the Manfred mammoths collection I have from the movie Ice Age.

It’s from Ice Age movie 2 I think because it has sound and there’s no leaf that shows other characters faces when you rub it that attached to it’s body. but still, they look good and my son loves it so I have to keep them.

Author: Gasti

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Cash right away

Disyembre 19, 2009 Mag-iwan ng puna

I have been dealing with cash flow problems for months now. Prices of commodities are extremely high compared from a year ago, but my salary has been the same. Good thing there are payday loans that can save us. They are very handy for us, especially to those people who are really busy. Applying takes only a minute or two with no hassles at all. You can even use your break time at the office just for this!

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Money Matters

Disyembre 19, 2009 Mag-iwan ng puna

Money is really hard to find these days. I knew someone who has been to Singapore for months to just look for a job but then went home empty handed. Economic crisis hit not only Singapore but globally as well. However, a lot of people are still resilient and positive when it comes to bouncing back from this economic downfall. One way to fight the crisis is to have your own business, which can somehow help you in paying for your basic needs, but where can you find the money? Cash advance might help.

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Cash Loans

Disyembre 10, 2009 Mag-iwan ng puna

Sometimes, we wish to have all the things in the world. That we have this, we have that and all the things our eyes find attractive and beneficial. We must admit it, money is the basic need we need to have in order to survive although that it can’t always buy us happiness. Christmas is in the air. I can feel the cold wind coming from the North Pole as I think on how to budget the money for Christmas. Its not my obligation to buy gifts, but money can’t replace the happiness our love ones give us every time we express to them how special they are. In this festive month of the year, good thing there is payday loans that can save us from shortage. lol

Super-Patriot from the Legendary Heroes line

Oktubre 24, 2009 3 mga puna


I bought this one during my trip in Manila. It’s doesn’t come in a box but nevertheless the quality is good. It must be one of the characters in GI Joe but I’m not really sure. (correction: he is  Super-Patriot from the Legendary Heroes line).  At first I thought he was a hybrid of Captain America because of his undies with a star. Lols

If Anyone of you know who he is,please let us know in the comment page. (Click pictures to enlarge).





Edge of crisis

Setyembre 2, 2009 Mag-iwan ng puna

Payday loans has always been very helpful to those people in need. Not all the time we can run to people we know to ask for monetary help that’s why as much as possible we all need to open a bank account for savings. I currently sending my siblings in their college education and I tell you, their tuition and fees are no joke.  I’m having a hard time balancing my salary in order for me to fit on my budget. But I don’t worry that much. It’s a beautiful thing man created cash advance those people in need with such a little and hassle free application.


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Setyembre 2, 2009 Mag-iwan ng puna

In these times, saving money and dealing with financial problems are very hard. There are times when you really need to cut expenses in order for it to fit on the budget. But most of the time, it is impossible to meet ends especially like us who are working. They say that as time goes by, our needs and wants also increases. I have been working in the same company now, and there are still lots in my wish list that I never had the chance to buy. I love to shop, that’s really my weakness every time I received my salary. Good thing is that there are cash loans that we can take as an option.

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